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A New Website Dedicated to Leadership Education

From the Desk of Shanon Brooks, President, George Wythe University

George Wythe University is pleased to announce a new website facilitating Leadership Education for children, youth, parents and professional educators. We at GWU are thrilled about this fantastic new resource, and even more so because a portion of the profits generated will be donated to our scholarship fund. By subscribing to TJEdOnline, you can enhance your own education while you enable others to continue theirs.

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This new website is dedicated to facilitating and spreading the principles of Leadership Education. There are loads of free resources, plus interactive content for subscribers. Just for visiting the site, you can get a free download of Oliver DeMille’s 2006 Keynote Address to the TJEd Forum in Salt Lake City, Utah, entitled "Depth Phase".

A message from site owners, Oliver and Rachel DeMille:

"We feel so strongly that our generation, like every generation in history, will have its challenges to surmount, and that our preparation for our personal missions will largely determine the level of freedom and prosperity that we pass on to our children and grandchildren. Excellent education for character and competence is imperative to accomplish what we must. We hope you will agree that this website is a great resource for self-educators everywhere!
—Oliver and Rachel DeMille

TJEdOnline is here to assist you as you implement leadership education in your home and/or school.

Membership ($9.99 a month) includes:

  • Daily emails on the following subjects:
    • Monday: Parenting
    • Tuesday: Core Phase
    • Wednesday: Love of Learning
    • Thursday: Scholar
    • Friday: Transition to Depth
  • Monthly Audio downloadsCome visit us for a free audio download!
  • TJEd How-to articles
  • Classic Quotes Archive—Search by topic, author or book, this is a continually growing treasure trove of some of the best things ever written!
  • What is Oliver reading?—As a professional educator and devoted family man, Oliver is a prolific reader. His response to his current readings will be posted several times a month, and hopefully we can get him to write his take on some the other gazillion books he's read in the past. This feature should be of particular interest to dads, business leaders, professional educators, and those wanting to expand their horizons!
  • Rachel's "Mine"—Rachel loves to think and write at the same time. These unpredictable journal entries will give a glimpse of what's on her mind, or on her heart. Sometimes intellectual, sometimes philosophical, sometimes whimsical, sometimes just plain average. This will include a periodic "perfectometer" self-rating on the day, based on several criteria. You'll get it straight from her to you with her trademark transparency!
  • Q & A with Rachel—For several years, Rachel has been answering questions regarding the application of TJEd, particularly in the home. This classic feature will highlight a weekly Q&A from her archive. Sensitive and thought-provoking, this is sure to be a favorite for those seeking to define their own questions and answers.
  • My Top Picks—Some teaching tools of Rachel's own creation, some from others, and even more that are professionally prepared. We'd love to hear from you about your top picks!
  • Online Scholar Classes: Membership will include a discount to online scholar classes taught by Williamsburg Academy and other TJEd mentors.
  • The Phases Resource Library- The nitty-gritty and ideas for success in each phase.
  • $10 off any purchase of $50.00 or more from Classic Books (redeemable monthly)

Subscription Drive BONUS—Read entries from "Rachel's Mine":

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