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George Wythe College Announces

The launch of George Wythe College affiliate is coming soon to a web browser near you.

We Squared is web-based subscription service.   It is designed to help individuals and families maintain focus on leadership education.  It also allows individuals to support and help build George Wythe College while receiving key benefits and services.  80% of the profits from We Squared go directly to the building of George Wythe College.

We Squared offers a $9.99 monthly subscription, which includes the following:

Daily Motivation – Key quotes emailed daily giving thoughts, applications and inspiration about leadership education and how it applies in Business, Finance, Politics/Government, Scholarshp, and Georgics. 

Monthly World Events Article by Oliver DeMille – Oliver DeMille will share his perspective and insights on current world events and where they put us in the cycles of history. He will address the different worldviews and their influence on events and policies being made.

Monthly Book Reviews – participate in reading, writing, and discussion of "classic" book reviews and share with others what made the book a "classic" for you!

George Wythe College Audio Downloads – Receive credits for each month’s  paid subscription, redeemable for George Wythe College audio downloads.

Access to Archived Articles, Book Reviews, Email Quotes and more!

We Squared will be available July of 2008.  Visit and sign up to receive a notification email when We Squared launches!