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Oliver DeMille to Mentor in Salt Lake City

For years now, students from the Salt Lake area and beyond have traveled once a week to Cedar City to participate in a weekly graduate course. For many that drive is now much shorter.  Beginning in September, Dr. DeMille will be bringing his popular Graduate Honors Course to Salt Lake City. Dr. DeMille stated:

“In response to countless requests, I am thrilled that in Fall 2008 we are offering a Graduate Honors class in the Salt Lake City area.  With the proximity to a major airport, we look forward to serving students from Northern Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and the Northwest—indeed all of North America. Those in Nevada, Southern California and Northern Arizona will now have the choice between driving to Cedar City and flying to Salt Lake.”

This class, designed for graduate and doctoral level students, business executives, educators, homemakers and scholars offers a high level of thought and discussion.  In this coming semester students will be reading works by authors like Nietzsche, Rand, Tocqueville, Freud and Aurelius.  Experience has shown that the quality of material covered, the background and experience of the students and the excellence of mentoring makes this one of the best classes George Wythe College offers.  DeMille stated:

“Over the past several years I have taught a weekly Graduate Honors course on-campus in Cedar City.  It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career as I have been able to impact, and be impacted by, a group of seasoned learners.  Many of them have already been in the trenches of statesmanship, in business enterprises, raising families, community work, etc.  It has been a joy to mentor adult professionals as we network, share experiences and insights and challenge one another to more fully apply time-proven and cutting-edge principles of leadership and success to our personal lives and missions.  The advanced nature of the students and the curriculum has made this my favorite class year after year. Students from Idaho to Nevada have made the weekly commute semester after semester and have expressed that the value of the experience has far outweighed the investment and sacrifice.”

Limited space is still available for the course and those interested in learning more are encouraged to visit or call George Wythe College at 435-586-6570.  The college is now accepting pre-registrations for the course which will be limited to 25 participants.