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Monticello Campus Pavilion

This year, George Wythe College’s annual Youth for America program (YFA) turns seven years old! YFA offers youth ages 12-18 an exceptional opportunity to spend time in a dynamic, fun-filled peer environment becoming inspired about education, great literature, principles of good government and world leadership. 

We are pleased to announce new facilities for this summer’s Level 4: World Leadership for the Young Statesman conference. Although the majority of the YFA conferences will still be held in Cedar City, Level 4, our YFA veterans, will be kicking-off our first year ever in Monticello, UT on the site of the new campus. The site and surrounding area are beautiful and an outdoor enthusiasts dream. 

The Level 4 conference will be a bit rustic (adventurous!) as we begin to create a wilderness wonderland on this new locale and it will be well worth the effort. 60 acres have been reserved for a Wilderness Conference Center. A steel frame pavilion, approximately three miles of road and one and a half miles of walking trails have already been erected and cut-in.   Flush toilets and hot water showers will be installed this year as well as a full outdoor kitchen. Plans for the Wilderness Center include a two-story rustic lodge (approximately 5,000 square feet), 10 small cabins, an outdoor amphitheatre and a number of smaller open-air meetings locations carved out of the abundance of small oak groves. A developer and architectural team have been retained and surveying and city planning and approvals are progressing with University site construction scheduled to begin in the fall of this year.

More information about the Youth for America conferences is available at  For more information about the new Monticello campus and our "Build the Campus" Campaign please click here.

Below: Pavilion on the Monticello Campus under construction.