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Youth For America to hold conferences in Cedar City this summer!

"…While I am alive, I can and need to do something to help others. When I don't have anything to do, instead of standing around and saying, 'I'm bored,' I will do something valuable with my life mission." (YFA participant, Age 14 from California)

Youth For America hosts hundreds of youth every summer. The purpose of this program is to introduce and/or reenergize leadership education for North American youth ages 12-18. Seven years ago YFA began with one small conference and now through this experience hundreds of youth have found the courage to say, go, be and do.

In a world filled with distraction YFA provides a refuge to reevaluate, ask questions, get answers and take responsibility. It is a unique opportunity for peers to draw from each other, and lift each other, to greatness. Attendees leave YFA with the skills to own the next phase of their education. 

The conference atmosphere is unlike any other.  Each summer, young people return home having decided to take charge of their own education, have built communication skills, confidence and character and the motivation to really make change in a day of political and moral unrest.

To learn more about Youth for America, visit