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New Financial Aid Options

By Oliver DeMille

George Wythe College has recently announced several new and exciting financial aid options. If you haven’t heard about them, give us a call and ask—we have a number of possibilities that make it easier than ever for students to afford to attend school next year!

One of the most exciting options is the new Merit Scholarship. All undergraduate students qualifying for this scholarship will receive a $3505.00 per semester scholarship toward their 2008-09 on-campus tuition.  To qualify for this scholarship, continuing students must show high quality work each semester. Mentors will keep them posted of their progress during the semester and we anticipate that any student who is seriously studying hard will qualify.

For new students, we have an even more exciting qualification process: the Selection Retreat in June. This is a unique seminar designed to help students prepare for school, get accepted, and qualify for the Merit Scholarship all in one seminar. Students who attend will be better prepared for the school year ahead and have a lot of fun at this great leadership event.

There is no cost to attend the Selection Retreat other than a student’s own travel expenses.  Students will meet and mingle with GWC mentors, other new freshmen and transfer students in a typical George Wythe environment of learning, great conversation and stimulating classes. I know of no other admissions program like it. And as part of all this, students can qualify for the merit scholarship based on their leadership or their academic background. It’s a great opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Again, contact GWC (435-586-6570, ask for Dan Ralphs) to find out the details. This is a great opportunity to earn a significant scholarship and begin your cutting-edge leadership college education of the highest quality! Every student who is serious about a great leadership education should apply for this scholarship. Contact us to find out how to apply and to learn about the other great new financial aid options - or visit us on the web at  

Oliver DeMille is President of George Wythe College.