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New On-Campus Admissions Policies Announced

Fall 2008 admissions at George Wythe College will be different this year.  With the opening of a second campus and the hiring of more mentors, we are now prepared to fully implement an enhanced admissions policy that has been in the wings for some time.

Beginning with the April 18th application deadline (coming soon, be sure your application is postmarked by April 18th) the entire process has been upgraded to ensure that all of your hard work and preparation will be acknowledged and given full evaluation.  As we are now receiving more applications than space available, we want to ensure that every student who has truly paid the price to be at GWC receives that opportunity.  For a complete description of our admissions requirements please visit us on-line at  Following is a description of what is new: 

  1. Application - the SAT (I) or ACT is now required for all undergraduate, on-campus applicants
  2. Enhanced Oral Entrance Examination
  3. A New Selection Retreat


The Application 

The deadline for the application form and fee is April 18th, 2008.  Applications post-marked after this date are welcome but are subject to a $25 late fee. 

The SAT (I) or ACT is now required for all applicants to the undergraduate, on-campus program, but these scores may be submitted at a later date if they are not available from the testing institution by the application deadline.  Applicants to our off-campus programs or graduate and doctoral degree programs are not required to submit these scores. 

Applicants should know that these standardized tests are only a small part of the process and serve as evidence that the applicant has achieved a basic level of cultural and academic literacy.  The admission decision itself is made by considering all of the application materials including the applicant's interview and Selection Retreat performance.  We anticipate that students who have successfully navigated the several stages of "Scholar Phase" and who have prepared for these tests will have little difficulty in achieving high marks.  There are no minimum test scores, per se, but we would expect a well-prepared student to score at least a 25 on the ACT and 1130 on the SAT.  That said, we do recognize that these tests only measure certain aptitudes and abilities and, as such, these scores will only comprise about 10-15% of the overall decision process. 

The Oral Entrance Examination

The purpose of this interview is to help the interviewer evaluate the readiness of the student for the rigors of the on-campus academic environment.  Students are asked questions about their preparation for college and what they hope to gain from attending George Wythe.  There will also be a broad survey of questions relating to a number of academic topics including:

•   American History
•   Government
•   Political Science
•   Law
•   World History

•   Philosophy
•   Mathematics
•   Science
•   Art
•   Literature

This entrance examination can be held over the telephone or in person.  It should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Selection Retreat

An exciting addition to the on-campus, undergraduate admissions process is the Selection Retreat, being held for the first time during Summer 2008.  At this event applicants will meet and work closely with other exceptional young people and gain valuable insight into the purposes and impact of leadership education and statesmanship.  This year's retreat will be held June 6-7, 2008.  This event is vital to the selection process and all applicants are strongly encouraged to arrange their schedules to be available if invited.  Invitations will be sent out in early May to the top 100 applicants and an RSVP will be required from all applicants planning to attend.  Complete details including venue and lodging arrangements will be disclosed in the invitation.

These changes are part of an on-going response to President DeMille's July 2007 call to raise the bar academically and have been implemented to help students better understand and prepare for the academic rigor of the college environment and a life of statesmanship.  Prospective applicants are encouraged to review additional announcements made in the February 2007 edition of The Statesman including the Merit Scholarship which significantly reduces the cost of tuition for on-campus students.

Additionally, we highly recommend that all prospective students attend a Statesmen Retreat the year prior to attending college to help evaluate how well they might fit with George Wythe and the study of statesmanship.  For more information about upcoming Retreats, please visit our website

Best of luck to all applicants.  We look forward to seeing you soon at George Wythe College!