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2008 Wokhsape Pte San Philanthropic Fundraising Gala

Can you say Wokhsape Pte San? Wokhsape Pte San Philanthropic Society is the philanthropic arm of George Wythe College. To learn more about the meaning and importance of Wokhsape Pte San, visit

Wokhsape Pte San currently hosts the annual Gala, which is the only fundraising event George Wythe College sponsors. The first Gala held in 2004 took us out of the basement and put us in our current campus. Last year’s Gala created the momentum and funds to acquire the 520 acre parcel that will house the Monticello campus. 

This event is for those who believe in the mission of George Wythe College and recognize that the world needs to prepare statesmen now. If you firmly believe that George Wythe College is one of a handful of institutions, fully engaged in statesman building, then please join with us and show your support by attending the only fundraising event we will hold this year.

This year's event will be held Friday, May 16th, in the historic Salt Lake Hardware Company Building in honor of the true entrepreneurial spirit exhibited by its founder and president, Benjamin Bauer. Oliver DeMille will be the keynote speaker with a never before given address on “The Dreamgiver,” inspired by the book of the same title by Bruce Wilkinson.

Award-winning Culinary Crafts will be catering the event. Each table will be hosted by a world-class Student Ambassador and we are excited to hold our first silent auction. The sound of the Joe Muscalino band will provide the music for an evening of dancing. In the tradition of classics the event is black tie. 

During the day, prior to the evening festivities, workshops will be held at the beautiful Little America. Philanthropic concepts and the latest happenings at George Wythe College will be presented. What a great time for friends who believe in the mission of statesmanship to be together. Additionally, this is the perfect event for those who you would like to introduce to George Wythe College.

This year we are offering various Sponsorship opportunities, so that you can give at any level. We had 300 guests last year. This year we only have 200 seats. Make your reservation early to guarantee your seat. We need you! Make this yearly event a tradition. Don't miss this wonderful evening of education, dining and dancing.  We are looking forward to another successful Gala and a great year for Wokhsape Pte San Philanthropic Society and George Wythe College.  Reservations can be made on-line at  See you on May 16th