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Salt Lake City Campus


In Fall 2012 we began our first classes at our new campus location in downtown Salt Lake City.  For the mission of GWU, we couldn't be in a better location.  Most students live within walking distance of the campus, the state capitol, internships, churches, historical landmarks, libraries, concert halls and much more.  We're definitely in the middle of it all, and the student experience has been a rich one.  Below you can see some of the activities we have enjoyed so far this semester. 


- Touring the Governor's Mansion -


- Opening Social: picnic and concert -



- Opening Social: picnic and concert - 



- Utah Capitol tour by Representative LaVar Christensen.  Floor of the House of Representatives -


- Supreme Court portion of Utah Capitol tour -



- Touring the floor of the Utah Senate -


- Students observing a legislative committee meeting -


- Touring the historic Presbyterian cathedral  -