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Summer 2009 Online - Most Affordable Tuition Ever!

Registration ends May 11

We are offering special tuition rates during Summer 2009 to encourage students to participate in our first online semester and provide us with feedback that will help us ensure that our new programs and processes are ready when the majority of our students enroll in the Fall.

All summer semesters going forward will consist of a two-month accelerated schedule, normally held in May and June. In 2009, the semester will run from May 18 to July 17 to allow us the necessary additional time to get our processes and infrastructure in place.

Full-time students will attend class online twice weekly, while part-time students will meet once a week. Students will study their chosen courses, be assigned to a mixed cohort of approximately 20 students, participate in online mentor-led readings, quote-thread discussions and online study groups, and regularly touch bases with their mentor through classroom participation, assignments and other interaction.

For this summer only, undergraduates will be able to take up to 7 credits for only $550 in the part-time option, and up to 14 credits for $750 in the full-time option. Part-time graduate students can take up to 6 credits for only $750, and full-time graduate students can take up to 12 credits for only $950. We regret that we are not able to offer special pricing and online options for our PhD students this summer. Online programs for doctorate students will commence in the fall.

Students should plan on a combined class and study time of at least 3 hours per week per credit hour enrolled. The first 40 students registered will be working with Dr. Shane Schulthies, one of our on-campus mentors. Other mentor assignments will be made depending on the number of registrations received.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to earn credit toward your degree at a very affordable rate.  Hurry and register now!  Registration closes May 11.

Click here for more information or to enroll in classes.