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May 19 - June 13, 2009
Constitutional Case Law, Online!

America is facing major constitutional crises. War is raging in American hearts and courtrooms over questions such as terrorism and civil liberties, the role of the judiciary, the use of international law in American courts, the role of religion in the public square, the family versus the individual, legislating morality, and the perennial debate over constitutional interpretation. While the outcome of these difficult questions is unknowable at this point, one thing is certain: those trained in the law will have a disproportionate impact on their resolution. 

During this online seminar we will study the Supreme Court decisions that have most shaped our modern constitutional understanding, as well as constitutional writings from the founding era.  Some cases will make you lower your head in shame; others will make you proud to be an American. Some will make you feel like we have strayed into a wasteland; others will give you confidence in America’s future. Most importantly, through it all, your views will be challenged, your assumptions will be questioned, and you will learn to think like a lawyer. All this within the walls of your own home or office.

Law school is not for everyone. It is expensive, time consuming, and usually requires graduates to practice law for several years afterwards to pay back student loans. This online seminar is specifically designed for those who want the constitutional depth and critical thinking skills of a lawyer, but don’t want the loans or time commitments of law school. It is also for pre-law students who want a mental framework of founding-era thinking before they take Con Law, which at most law schools focuses exclusively on Supreme Court cases. Never before has a legal education of this depth been so flexible and inexpensive.

  • Barron, Constitutional Law: Principles & Policy, Cases and Materials
  • Hamilton, Madison, Jay, The Federalist
  • Spence, How to Argue and Win Every Time
  • Readings Packet


This seminar is being held online.  Click here to register or for more information about class times, tuition and assignments.