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George Wythe University Hosts Education Conference

George Wythe University hosted two conventions on Thomas Jefferson Education back-to-back in Cedar City, Utah this past August. The first convention provided an introduction to those new to TJEd and the second was geared towards those who had more experience implementing the principles of Leadership Education. 

Both conventions offered in-depth coverage of Leadership Education for participants across the educational spectrum and were attended by parents and professionals from home, private and public schools as well as those representing co-ops and other community groups. The broad appeal of Thomas Jefferson Education was expressed by one attendee who stated “This concept [TJEd] is perfect for any culture, socio-economic status, religious affiliation or background.”1

The Beginning Convention covered the foundational principles of Leadership Education including the Phases, the Seven Keys and the Five Environments of Learning. Said one attendee “I am very glad I came. I was able to get the information I needed to confidently begin using TJEd…” 

The Advanced Convention helped attendees bridge the gap between the principles of TJEd – which are applicable everywhere – and the implementation or methods that can spring from TJEd which can vary significantly from one setting to the next. Audience response to these sessions was very positive. Dr. Shane Schulthies’ presentation, for example, entitled “The Mentor Creed: Becoming Truly Inspiring” elicited this response from one educator: “[This presentation] changed my life! This was extremely helpful in understanding how to be inspiring to my children and others.” 

Parents and professional educators alike responded positively to the content covered over the three days. One public school teacher provided the following feedback: 

“[I was] greatly impressed with the presenters: depth of knowledge, ability to articulate information and engage the audience in participation. Fabulous conference! Well organized, dynamic speakers and great facilities. I am a 25 year elementary public school educator and have attended many conferences. This was the most impressive group of professionals I have had an opportunity to hear.” 

Another participant had this to say: 

“The seminar was excellent! My whole perspective of how I would like to raise my children and how I would like to further my education was changed. …[The presenters were] amazing and I am looking forward to furthering my education with their knowledge and advice in mind. Thank You to all who spoke!” 

One couple brought their children to more fully familiarize them with the principles being used to guide their education. She had this to say: 

“We attended the TJEd convention in order to bring two of our children to learn more about what they are doing and to have the experience first hand of what TJEd is all about. Thank you! It was awesome and we are grateful you held it even though Dr. DeMille couldn't be there. Our son (13) and daughter (15) learned a lot and they were glad they could be there.” 

Others brought spouses in an effort to promote a unified parenting philosophy. Said one attendee: 

“I brought my husband in hopes of ‘converting’ him to Leadership Education. …Well, you did it! Rachel said several things that touched his heart so he would open his mind…  Each of the other presenters, all of them, said something that helped, too. So, when I say you changed my life, and my husband's, and our children's - I'm not kidding!! …Thanks…for all the wonderful presentations!” 

Over the past several years a number of TJEd-based organizations have been founded to serve the needs of particular age or geographic-specific groups. Several presentations were given by the founders of some of these groups and were well received. One such presentation by HomeFires founders Diann Jeppson & Jodie Palmer prompted one attendee to comment: 

“Although I've been doing TJEd for awhile and studied it quite a bit, I found the [session on the TJEd] Continuum one of the best presentations all weekend.”  

Another attendee commented about Leadership Education Mentoring Institute co-founder Tiffany Earl’s presentation: “I can't wait to start Tiffany's Parent Mentor program!” 

Not everything about the conventions met the participant’s expectations, but overall the events were a wonderful success. Said one participant, “Although the physical accommodations were uncomfortable and the acoustics were poor, this convention was one of the top ten most powerful and best experiences in my life. Thank you!!!!!!” 

A sincere “thank you” from us at George Wythe to all those who are working to improve the educational experiences of those in their homes and communities and took time out of their schedules to attend these events. 


1. Attendee comments provided via an anonymous on-line survey.

The principles of Thomas Jefferson Education have been taught throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico for the better part of two decades and are being implemented in a wide variety of educational settings. To learn more about Thomas Jefferson Education click here. To learn more about the George Wythe University programs designed to assist educators further their own education, including 5 Pillar Certification and our Off-Campus degree programs, please visit our website.